In 2021 Matilda Bay was certified as officially carbon neutral. We are joining a frustratingly small group of breweries that can make that claim. Find out about our philosophy around sustainability below.

Towards 100% Sustainable

Beer is a natural product. The healthier the environment, the better the ingredients we have to play with.

We’ve installed 248 solar panels on the roof that provide us with about a third of the total electricity we use, with the other two thirds sourced from a wind farm west of Melbourne. We have been operating off 100% renewable electricity since January 2021. 

Our spent grain wastage through the brewing process is provided to local farms to feed cattle. We source local produce wherever we can, to reduce road mileage.

We’re always open to ideas and proudly partner with community advocacy groups like Healesville CoRE.


Matilda Bay is a certified climate neutral company. We audit and offset our carbon footprint. In addition to offsetting our emissions by supporting renewable energy projects in Asia, we are also protecting critical Australian biodiversity by supporting the Myamyn Conservation Project in south-western Victoria. This project is restoring the Annya State Forest, an area of high ecological value that contains numerous vulnerable and endangered plant and animal communities. 

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