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If we had a spirit animal, it would be the powerful owl that lives deep in the Yarra Valley’s old growth forest. We’re older. Wiser. And have the patience to let nature take its course. Our aim is to always create beautiful beer. To do that, we’re going old school with a contemporary twist.

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Our brewery

Share our passion for tracing ingredients to the source? In our brewery you can see where and how we guide Yarra Valley spring water, hops, malt and yeast into beautiful beer. Among the stainless steel tanks is a hop back where we dry hop our wort and beer for maximum flavour. Lucky local cattle get to enjoy the spent grain as feed.

Our Team

Our brewing team is related by purpose (and in Phil and Harry’s case, blood). With over 40 years brewing experience Phil Sexton, our Founder and CEO, knows a thing or two about traditional beer styles. Together with son Harry they want to remind people how perfectly balanced the classics can be.


Working towards

100% Sustainability

Beer is a natural product. The healthier the environment, the better the ingredients we have to play with.

So for purely selfish reasons, we’re on a quest towards total sustainability. 248 solar panels on the roof and contented cows are just the beginning. We’ll keep you updated on our progress on the socials. Shout out if you have ideas that help.

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